Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care programs are not only designed to increase turf density and eliminate weeds, but keep your lawn and your neighbors green the entire season.

Serving Duluth, MN and surrounding areas with lawn care services.

Residential home with a healthy yard

Enrich Your Lawn

Guardian enriches your lawn through balanced phosphorus-free fertilizers that protect our lakes and waterways, along with broadleaf weed control, targeted lawn pest control and disease control for an improved health and beautification of your lawn.  We also provide core aeration as it is an essential part of a good lawn maintenance program because it allows oxygen, water and nutrients to flow freely into the root zone. This encourages healthy root growth and increases water and nutrient absorption, and reduces fertilizer run-off into our water supply.

Enrich Your Investment

Beautifying your lawn is one of the lowest cost ways to enrich the investment in your home.  A healthy lawn also provides an enhanced personal enjoyment of your yard.

Enrich Your Environment

Healthy grass helps to prevent soil erosion and filters contaminants from rain water.  It also absorbs many types of airborne pollutants, like dust and soot.  Lush grass is also an efficient way to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen which helps reduce your carbon footprint.